Registration process

How do I register with Mentrum?

Mentrum is a specialist mental healthcare institution for people with serious psychiatric disorders and/or addiction problems. If you want to be treated for your psychological problems or disorders at Mentrum, it is important that you ask your GP for a letter of referral. Without a letter of referral, the cost of treatment will not be covered by your health insurer.

Your GP can refer you to Mentrum. As soon as we have received a letter of referral, the Central Registration at Arkin (CAA) will plan an initial interview with you, based on the information in the letter and possibly information from previous treatments. We may also need to ask further questions. One of the practitioners at CAA will contact you and/or your GP/referring physician.

If you have further questions about registration with Mentrum, please contact us via telephone number 020 590 44 44.

During the initial interview, we will try to identify exactly what kind of assistance you need.

Initial interview

During the initial interview at Mentrum, we will try to identify exactly what kind of assistance you need.

What should you bring with you?

  • a valid ID document
  • a health insurance card or copy of your health insurance policy
  • an up-to-date list of prescribed medication (available from your pharmacy)

We recommend that you bring someone who knows you well with you to your first appointment, as long as you feel comfortable doing so. During the first appointment, it may help the healthcare professional to ask someone close to you how they see the problem.

People closely involved with you can often provide useful information or clarify the situation with an explanation and examples. It is possible the person you bring along with you also has questions about your problems that you are not able to answer clearly. The healthcare professional can then explain the diagnosis and explain how your family, friends and others closely involved with you can best deal with your problems.

At a later stage in the treatment, and with your permission, this person may be invited on a further occasion to continue participating in monitoring or supporting your progress, and perhaps to ask questions about their role in the treatment of your problems.


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